Naming Day Ceremony

The name you give your baby is significant to them as an individual. Families come together to celebrate the life of this individual in the form of a ceremony, a Naming Day.These ceremonies are tailored to details the parents would like to highlight.

Many people have significant people within the ceremony, which could be the grand parents or an aunt or uncle, who would be instrumental in the care of the child as they grow through life. Some people like to have special readings or prayers said over their child at this time also. The Naming Day will be a milestone in your child’s life and a celebration of his/her position within the family.


Certificates are distributed on the day to the parents, godparents and significant others.

Parents can be confidant, I will deliver all that you require for your child’s Naming Day. It is a very significant day for all, and it will be very personally suited to your child. I work very closely with the parents to make the day, exactly as you require.

Common Questions

How long does the ceremony last?

A basic ceremony usually takes up to 30 minutes depending on readings and options included.

Is there a certificate?

Yes. A Certificate is signed during the ceremony by parents, supporting adults and the celebrant

Is the Naming Ceremony just for babies?

No. Children of any age can have a Naming Ceremony

Can I include older siblings?

Yes, you can, and there is no additional charge involved. The same applies for twins or triplets – all can be included.

Can two children from different families have their Ceremonies together?

I think it is best for a family unit to make commitments to their child. The dynamics of each family will be different and can be reflected in a seperate day, a seperate ceremony

Can this Ceremony be held on our wedding day?

Yes. Sometimes people like to do a ceremony straight after the Wedding, especially if there are step children. It is a wonderful way of including the whole family on your special day.

Where can we hold a Naming Ceremony?

Anywhere that both you and the celebrant decide is appropriate. Ie. Your home, a park, a reception center. You can make the venue on the day represent a theme which will bring meaning to you all.

Who arranges the ceremony?

The parents, or the legal guardians are the ones that organise the Naming Day Ceremony. It is good to get others involved if that is an option for you. I help all the way through.

Can we organise a ceremony soon?

As long as you can book a date where everyone is free (myself included) then we can hold one as soon as you need.

How much does a ceremony cost?

My fee for liasing with you, creating certificates, preparing the ceremony and then conducting the ceremony is $600.

Do Naming Certificates have any legal status?

The certificates handed out on the day do not have any legal significance at all. The certificates are a keepsake depicting the importance of the Naming Day, and the life of the child.

Is there any religious content?

I encourage you to have what you would like in your ceremony. If you have certain prayers you would like recited that is fine. All content is up to you.

How do I book a ceremony?

Just contact me via this website, and we can talk about free dates. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Ideas For Your Naming Day
A Time Capsule

You could ask all your guests to bring something of the era which would fit in the chosen capsule. (box, etc.) This collection of items is then preserved within the capsule and given to the child at 18 or 21. The items placed in there will be very relevant to them when they open it years later.

Plant a Tree

The significance of the beginning of a new life, can be seen throughout the seasons in the growth of a tree. Even the type of tree can have a connection to the child.

Light a Candle

Many parents will decorate a candle for the day, and have special poems read, or prayers uttered, or quotes stated, at a time of the ceremony where they light the candle. There becomes a beginning point, a definate change, a time to recognize the importance of the child within the family.

Video Footage

Some parents ask their family and friends to say a few sentences, or give some advice to the child through a video. This can also be shown to the child at their 18 or 21st, however it will be a lifelong record of important people in their life.

Signature Bear

Another beautiful keepsake for the child throughout the years could be a bear which has been marked with words of love and care from the family and friends around them. They are very cute and quite affordable. There are also signature frames available.


Really the sky is the limit for ideas on what you can utilise for your child. The more personal the better. This child is a part of the family and the Naming Day Ceremony should reflect that family characteristic.