It is important to note, that I am only offering these sessions to couples that I am NOT engaged as the celebrant for the wedding ceremony. There would be a conflict of interest if I were to do both.
Therefore these sessions are a stand alone offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we really need this counselling?

You will benefit from this if you have never been married before, there are adjustments to living with another person, and having that person as a committment in your life. You will benefit also if you have been married before and it ended in a divorce. Any unresolved issues can be identified and dealt with. If you have children from a previous marriage, you both will benefit from these sessions.

When should we do this counselling?

It is ideal to do this pre-marriage counselling well before the ceremony date. As you get closer to the date, things can get a bit hectic with planning and organising. So, a good six months before hand is probably the most ideal time, however, any time it is still good!

How deep or personal is this counselling?

These sessions are real counselling, and they will get very deep and very personal. You are investing into a lifelong committment to another person, so this is the time, to be real. The institution of marriage is extremely important, and at the end of your sessions, you will both feel very relieved that unresolved issues have been discussed and planned. You will be ready for your union as man and wife!

What if my mother-in-law calls you for information?

All that is discussed is totally private and confidential. I will not divulge any information to any third party without your written consent. Actually there is a session that covers how to respectfully, but firmly, handle difficult in-laws!

Will we discuss sex in the sessions?

Yes. As one part of your relationship, it will be dealt with sensitively within the sessions. There will no doubt be some times of humour also. All our discussions are about real life issues and looking at real life solutions for them.

Where do we meet and when?

Through discussions with you, we will pick an appropriate place and time to all of us. Quite often couples like to have it at their house, after dinner, same night of the week, for the six weeks. Just contact me using the contact form, and we can arrange a time now!

The Content of each Session
Session One

General principles of marriage; Love and marriage; Marriage Roles; Respect for parents; Relationship Self Assessment; Personality Test

Session Two

Idealism and realism of marriage; Common myths and False beliefs; Importance of the family unit; Family of Origin work

Session Three

Feedback session of Personality test and homework; Revealed areas that need attention

Session Four

Communication skills; Assertiveness; Ground rules; Communication exercise; Conflict resolution; Forgiveness

Session Five

Codependency; Basic needs of husband and wife in marriage; Differences in personality; Differences in the sexes, cultures; Physical or health differences

Session Six

Children and parenting; Financial management; Recreational issues; Intimacy in all areas; Sexuality; Humour

Six Sessions in Total

6 weekly sessions of 1 hour duration each.
At a time that suits the couple and myself combined.
Homework will be completed in between sessions.