We Still Do

Keep your relationship fresh and vibrant, by revisiting the vows that you made on your wedding day. We often need reminding of the importance of the Marriage relationship. Life can get so busy, and we fall into routine, mundane habits, where we can accidently take our partner for granted. What better way to be reminded, than a Renewing of Your Vows Ceremony.

Reaffirming Love

Some people like to recreate their original vows, and make them relevant to represent the growth and change that each party have gone through. You can make a fresh, new declaration of love and committment to your loved one!

As a Civil Celebrant, I am available to help you rewrite your vows and hold a ceremony, in front of family and friends, and to redeclare your undying love for one another.

Special Anniversaries
Cotton wedding 1/Years Married
Wooden wedding 5/Years Married
Copper wedding 7/Years Married
Tin wedding 8/Years Married
Rose wedding 10/Years Married
Lace wedding 13/Years Married
Glass wedding 15/Years Married
Porcelain wedding 20/Years Married
Silver wedding 25/Years Married
Pearl wedding 30/Years Married
Linen wedding 35/Years Married
Ruby wedding 40/Years Married
Sapphire wedding 45/Years Married
Golden wedding 50/Years Married
Diamond wedding 60/Years Married
Blessing wedding 70/Years Married
Crown wedding 75/Years Married
Things To Consider
  • Where to have the ceremony. At home? At a spot with significant meaning? At a holiday destination?
  • Who to invite. Just the two of you? A few family members? The entire neighbourhood?
  • Will you have gifts for each other? Rings? Heart locks? A cake?
  • What time of the year? What sort of weather? What time of day?
  • Decide on how elaborate you would like your renewing ceremony to be. A dress? Tuxedo? Flowers?
Renewing Vows
  • Meetings to discuss preferences
  • Preparation of the ceremony
  • Holding the ceremony
  • Unlimited emails and phone calls
  • Decorative Certificate to be signed on the day